The starting point of protecting our health, preventing and treating future health problems is early diagnosis.

Even if the person has no complaints, the right time to scan allows many different diseases to be diagnosed at an early stage and to be treated appropriately when necessary.

Thanks to the regularly recommended check-up, health problems that may arise in the future can be detected and preventive measures can be taken. The aim of the check up application, which is an innovative service offered by modern medicine, is to keep the person healthy. Therefore, even if the person does not have any health problems, it is recommended to have basic health checks at regular intervals.

How Often Should Check Up Be Done?

Even if you do not have any discomfort or complaint, it is necessary to have a Check-up at least once a year. Age, diseases that can be passed on in the family, your work pace, environmental factors, problems you may experience in your private life play a serious role in the early diagnosis of some diseases that may be caused by your bad habits.

For this reason, it is the common opinion of our laboratory and general health institutions, once a year You must have a check-up.

Benefits and Importance of Check Up

Check-up is a program that every person should have at certain intervals. It helps the physician in learning the cause of the simple complaints that are not emphasized, in the control of some genetic diseases inherited, and in the early diagnosis.

It is very helpful to the patient even when everything turns out to be completely normal. Because it is available as a document and when the patient has an examination, it facilitates the diagnosis by providing the physician with the opportunity to compare.