The Most Reliable Address of
Accurate Results

Alab Laboratories, with its laboratory staff and personnel consisting of professionals who are experts in their fields and who have technical competence, combine their scientific and practical experience with the latest equipment technology and sectoral experience of today's health sector, and serve to meet the expectations of patients and institutions at the highest level.

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It works with the international quality control organization Oneworld Accuracy, of which we are a member, with the motivation and effort to further increase the high level of quality in health and laboratory services.

Our Vision

To provide accurate, precise, reliable and fast results at reasonable prices, to provide the best service in line with legal principles and standards, by following innovations, using methods in accordance with scientific criteria accepted in national and international standards, in order to provide high quality A++ service.

Our Mission

Adhering to the principles of independence, impartiality and confidentiality in the provision of A++ health services, adopting quality standards based on scientific foundations and without prejudice in its work, and thus building a corporate culture that adopts the principle of keeping laboratory reputation and customer satisfaction at the highest level.